Henry VIII

10 Facts about Henry VIII that you might not know…

1, Henry once poached the best singers from Cardinal Wolsey’s choir after losing a singing competition between his chapel choir and Wolsey’s.

2, In his thirties, Henry was nearly killed pursuing his hawk when he fell headfirst into a ditch of muddy water. A footman saved him from drowning.

3, The King liked to sing and his favorite songs were ‘As I walked along the wood so wild’ and ‘By the banks and I lay.’ Another song Henry enjoyed celebrated his prowess in the tilt yard. It was called, ‘my Sovereign Lord.’

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The prophecies of Mother Shipton…

England’s oldest visitor attraction is a cave with a genuine petrifying well inside. The well turns every day objects into stone by an entirely natural phenomenon caused by the high mineral content of the water. In Mother Shipton’s lifetime the well was seen as supernatural.

There are many legends about the prophecies of Mother Shipton, who was born and lived in the cave. She is said to have foretold the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the death of Cardinal Wolsey and the end of the world. Even when threatened with burning Mother Shipton refused to change her prophecies.

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