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The best and worst jobs in Tudor history

Groom of the stool:

This role involved using fine cloths called ‘diapers’ to wipe the King’s bottom after he used the ‘close stool’ and to assist him with washing and dressing. The position of ‘Groom of the Stool’ was much sought after in the Tudor Court because it brought the groom close to the King several times a day including first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The symbol of the office was a gold key in a blue ribbon.

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Sex, brothels and prostitution…

If you had ‘goose bumps’ in the 16th century it did not mean you had little bumps appearing on your arms because you were cold. Having ‘goose bumps’ was Elizabethan slang for having venereal disease. There were thousands of prostitutes or doxies as they were known, in Norwich, Exeter, York, London and elsewhere. In fact there were far more prostitutes in Elizabethan London than there are now in modern-day Birmingham or any other large British town in 2018. The most notorious stews, trugginghouses or brothels were in Southwark on the south side of the river Thames. Continue reading “Sex, brothels and prostitution…”