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Original summons to attend the Coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn

Letter of Summons to the Lady Cobham to attend the Coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn: From Henry VIII: 28th April 1533

To our right dear and well-beloved the Lady Cobham.

Right dear and well-beloved we greet you well.

And for as much as we be determined upon the feast of Pentecost next coming to keep and do to be celebrate at Westminster, with all due circumstances of honour, the Coronation of our dearest wife the Lady Anne our Queen, as to her estate and dignity dothe appertain; and have appointed you amongst others, at the same time, to give your attendance on horseback in such place as to your degree apperteineth ; We therefore desire and pray you to put yourself in such aredines as ye may be personally at our manor of Greenwich the Friday next before the said feast, then and there to give your attendance upon our said Queen from thens to our Tower of London the same day, and on the next day to ride from the same our Toure, through our City of London, unto our manor of Westminster, and the next day, Whitsunday, to go unto our Monastery there to the said Coronation, providing for yourself and your women some faire white, or white grey palfreys, or geldings, such as ye shall think most fit to serve for that purpose. And as concerning the apparel of your own palfrey, ye shall be furnished therof by the Master of the Horses with our said dearest wife the Queen at any your repair or sending hider for the same in every behalf, saving for your bitt and your bosses. Trusting that for the liveries and ordering of your said women as well in their apparel as in their horses ye will in such wise provide for them as unto your honour and that Solempnite apperteineth: and your own Robes and Liveries shall be delivered at any time, when ye shall come or sende for the same by the Keeper of our Great Wardrobe : not failing hereof as ye intend to do us pleasure. Y even under Signet at our manor of Grenewich the 28th day of April.



Original Letters Illustrative of English History, Henry Ellis



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Queen Elizabeth’s oak

Greenwich Park is one of eight Royal Parks in London and its home to a hollow tree named ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Oak.’ The Tudor queen was said to have often taken refreshment whilst relaxing in the shade of its branches which once grew in the grounds of Greenwich Palace.

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The mysterious sweating sickness

Shortly after Henry Tudor won his crown from Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth several thousand of his subjects died of a mysterious new epidemic. It was called, ‘The English sweating sickness.’

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Anne Boleyn’s letter from the Tower, May 6th 1536.

It is alleged that a copy of this letter was found amongst Thomas Cromwell’s possessions after his execution. Its authenticity is doubted because Anne was closely guarded and it would have been difficult to conceal such a letter. However the letter does have a ring of authenticity:

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Is this Anne Boleyn’s ghost?

Liam Archer, 26, was exploring Hever Castle in Kent with his family when he took this picture which appears to show a hand hovering in the left hand side of the frame. Read the full article:


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19th May 1536: Queen of England executed for treason…

Before her execution Anne Boleyn heard Mass and took Holy Communion for the last time. She declared her innocence before and after taking the Eucharist before witnesses. This is important because She believed, like all sixteenth century people, that if she lied on the Eucharist that she would be condemned to hell.

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Henry VIII’s ‘Sorre legge’

During a bout of jousting on 24th January 1536, Henry VIII fell from his horse, Smashing to the ground with the fully armour plated horse landing on top of him.

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