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A real Tudor rose in our garden

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I love the Tudors but unfortunately my family are bored silly by history. There is always a synchronised groan in our house if there is a Tudor documentary on TV or worse a costume drama.

My family have been ‘dragged’ with great distress and tremendous bravery around Tudor sites and castles for many years because of my ‘endless’ passion for ‘All Things Tudor.’ I take up their bandwidth, their television and their car radios with little thought for their need to watch QI, Top Gear or 2 and a half men

These long suffering martyrs to Tudor history are paid in cakes, lunches and cups of tea. With broken hearts, bored minds and empty wallets they endure it all. And I thank them… Until the next visit. Oh okay I will go with someone else!

I have no affiliate links because this site is just for my own pleasure… And yours…

Welcome to EveryThing Tudor Blog…

God be wi’ you and Fare you well,

Goodwife Nicola Harris

The Great Hall
Sumptuously decorated, Henry VIII’s Great Hall deliberately invoked medieval ideals of hospitality. Here the lesser members of the royal court ate dinner at royal expense in two sittings each day. Hampton Court Palace. London.