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St. Thomas’ Hospital’s dark past…


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St Thomas’ hospital today

Saint Thomas’s hospital in London was founded in around 1106 and was named after the popular Saint Thomas Becket, who it was believed had miraculous healing powers. The hospital community was shattered by Henry VIII’s policy of the forced dissolution of the monasteries. Thomas Cromwell’s deputy, Richard Layton, visited the ‘bawdy’’ hospital in 1538. The master, Richard Mabott, was accused of selling the hospital’s silver and exacting excessive fees from patients. On 14th January 1540, the hospital was surrendered to the King and the monks were pensioned off.

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Being made a laughing stock could be deadly…

The earliest recorded mention of the stocks being used as a form of punishment was 4700 years ago. ‘He puts my feet in the stocks.’ Job 33:11.

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Lets play the ‘Tudor movie dream team…’

If  you could choose just one actor to play Henry and just one to play Anne Boleyn who would they be. You can choose whoever you want for your Tudor movie dream team…

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The hidden sexual meaning of the Tudor song ‘Greensleeves’ …

A real Tudor woman might not have wanted to be seen dead in a green coloured dress and this is why…

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