Touching up Tudor portraits… How does the NPG restore and care for such old paintings?

The National Portrait Gallery in London tells the fascinating stories of people and their lives. The Gallery has a vast amount of original Tudor portraits of the Tudor Court. It is free to enter.

Conservation at the Gallery:



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Man eating schemer or modern woman trapped in Tudor Skirts? Bess of Hardwick…

When Bess of Hardwick died, aged 81, she was the most powerful woman in Elizabethan England after the Queen. In her lifetime she had kept company with Mary Queen of Scots, married her grandchild into Royalty, was friends with Robert Dudley and William Cecil. She was close to the tragic Grey family and she was often at court. It is said that every aristocratic family in Britain has her blood running through their veins including the present Royal family. When Bess died she was the very wealthy Countess of Shrewsbury but her life had begun very differently.

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Tudor treasure lay buried for hundreds of years under London’s streets

In June 1912, workmen demolishing an old timber framed building in London noticed something in the dirt as they were breaking up the cellar floor with their pick axes. As the soil was scraped away they uncovered an old wooden casket. Inside was a tangled mix of  precious Elizabethan jewellery unseen for hundreds of years.

The Horde has almost 500 dazzling gemstones from many parts of the world. There is a cameo of Elizabeth I, a gold watch set in a massive emerald from Colombia; sapphires, diamonds and rubies from the India and Sri Lanka; glistening pearls, opals and turquoise and Egyptian, Byzantine and classical gems. Continue reading “Tudor treasure lay buried for hundreds of years under London’s streets”

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Smell like Elizabeth I…

A  400 years old  recipe for Elizabeth I’s perfume was discovered in a book at the Royal Horticultural Society’s library in London. The book is titled ‘The Mystery and Lure of Perfume’ by C J S Thompson.

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3 simple genuine Tudor recipes

Mustard eggs:

1oz/25g butter

1tsp/5ml mustard

1tsp/5ml vinegar

a pinch of salt and pepper

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